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Lusternik–Schnirelmann category; a prelude to Topological complexity

In Encyclopedia Britannica came: Prelude, musical composition, usually brief, that is generally played as an introduction to another, larger musical piece. So i used this special word because of my special feelings on beauty of Topological Complexity notion; that this homotopy invariant sound like a glorious classical music to me! Lusternik–Schnirelmann category In 2003 a book published… Read More »

linkage and configuration space of a linkage; different definitions

in this post we are going to browsing some definitions of linkages and their configuration spaces, that maybe are different in formation but almost same in their substances. 1. Kourganoff definition of a linkage and its configuration space as Mickaël Kourganoff said in his thesis “Geometry and dynamics of configuration spaces”: A mechanical linkage, or… Read More »